— ciphers —

As of February 2007, two messages remain hidden in the book.
The broken ciphers and their codebreakers are listed below.

The Ancient Script

Cracked by Jeremy Brown on February 20, 2006
Jeremy's solution and his account of decipherment

The Book of Proverbs cipher

Cracked by Stijn Hommes on February 23, 2006
Stijn's solution

The "printing series" cipher and
the "printing number" cipher

Cracked by Jason Lee on February 5-6, 2007
Jason's solutions

Why were all the ciphers cracked in February? Must be the long winter nights.

To entice the readers to search for the messages hidden in the book, one of them is revealed below. If you don't want any spoilers, stop reading now.

Spoiler below!

Use a magnifying glass to look at the center of each asterisk marking the scene breaks in the book.

Asterisk N

Shown below is a composite image of all the asterisks in the book photographed at 60x magnification.

Asterisk message

The above is one of the messages hidden in the book. Note that the others have not necessarily been been embedded via miniature print.